Looking For Dependable & Effective Mould Removal Services You Can Trust?

We'll keep your family healthy by quickly removing your mould and making sure it stays gone for good.

And we'll guarantee it!

Our Mould Removal Services Include:

Get Rid Of Mould Serves Niagara Region, Durham Region & The Greater Golden Horseshoe

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Looking For Dependable & Effective Mould Removal Services You Can Trust?

We'll keep your family healthy by quickly removing your mould and making sure it stays gone for good.

And we'll guarantee it!

Our Mould Removal Services Include:

Get Rid Of Mould Serves Niagara Region, Durham Region & The Greater Golden Horseshoe

Information For Tenants & Renters

If you currently rent or lease your premises, we require the property owner to approve of and be present for all inspections.

Please have the legal owner or representative of your property contact us to arrange a time for an inspection.

Hiring the right mould removal companies

Mould Removal Is Rarely A "DIY" PRoject...

And We have the training and experience to successfully remediate any mould issue… and keep it gone for good!

When it comes to mould, dealing with it sooner rather than later is the most important thing you can do.

What starts as a small and easy-to-fix problem can quickly  become a much larger – and more dangerous – issue that can threaten your family’s health and cost you thousands in potential fixes and repairs to your home.

If you suspect mould might be growing in your home, get in touch and we’ll come out for a free visual inspection right away.

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Mike Bashford

Owner of Get Rid Of Mould

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Moisture and mildew fungus mould spores for removal.

You generally know mould when you see it...

but do you know what it really is and the problems it can cause for you and your family if left untreated?

You see some mould growing like in the image above and it doesn’t look good, obviously, and your first inclination is to grab some bleach and scrub it down. It’s a completely reasonable reaction and one that most people would try.

But what do you really know about the mould, its source and the potential dangers it presents?

Knowing what you’re dealing with should be your first step because what you are seeing isn’t always what’s really there and you’ll want to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

When it comes to your home, no mould is good mould and there are several types of mould to be concerned about:

  • Black Mould (Stachybotrys chartarum): Black mould is considered the most dangerous type of mould as it can produce toxins that lead to serious allergen and respiratory problems (including asthma)
  • Green Mould (Aspergillus fumigatus): Contrary to what you might read elsewhere, Green mould can be just as toxic as Black Mould
  • White Mould (Sclerotinia): White mould is less toxic but can still cause allergic reactions and symptoms

Because mould and mildew are natural fungi that thrive on moisture, any water, moisture, humidity or ventilation issues within your home should be addressed before a serious mould infestation starts to develop: Once mould spores land on an affected area, they will start to (quickly) grow and will eventually pose a significant health risk to everyone in the home.

Some of the physical effects of extended mould exposure might include unwavering symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, headaches, coughing, sneezing, skin irritations and more that last longer than they otherwise would under normal circumstances (such as seasonal allergy symptoms, for example).

While certain, less-serious occurrences of mould can be safely and successfully removed using common household cleaning products, we would only recommend that you try to remove the mould yourself if it is on a non-porous surface and is contained within a smaller area.

For all other areas, such as cement floors, basement walls, ceilings and more, removing larger infestions of mould can be a difficult task and will often require professional assistance.

Our professional mould removal process typically involves identifying the type of mould, removing the affected materials, and cleaning the area to prevent further growth. This usually also includes ensuring proper ventilation and controlling moisture levels in order to help prevent future mould growth.

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We've helped hundreds of people get rid of their mould for good!

Here are just a few examples:

Attic Mould Removal Before Image

Attic Mould Before Remediation

Attic Mould Removal AFTER Remediation Image

Attic Mould After Remediation

Black Mould Attic Removal Before

Attic Mould Before Remediation

Black Mould Attic Removal After

Attic Mould After Remediation

Mould Remediation Before

Attic Mould Before Remediation

Mould Remediation After

Attic Mould After Remediation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The costs depend on the source of mould, amount of damage and the steps needed to remediate it all.

That being said, our minimum charge is $350.00 and all work performed includes our 10-year transferable warranty.

Our visual mould inspections are provided free of charge.

Typically it will take 15-30 minutes for us to inspect your home for mould.

While we try to see your areas of concern as soon as possible, there are times when we are busy doing work and seeing work that it may take several days.

We try to accommodate for either daytime or evening appointments and we encourage everyone to upload photos of their problem areas to our website.

Because we are mould professionals, we can often use the images to diagnose the issues and offer support immediately.


We can deal with and correct any type of mould situation.

Depending on the mould’s location in your home, and complexities such as creating containment and removal of materials, it could take several hours to several days.

No, we leave the work area 100% clean and debris free.

When used as directed, our products are 100% safe.

We use only IICRC industry approved methods for the removal of mould and Get Rid Of Mould is an approved applicator of the products used.

The mould and stain eliminator product has an approximate working time of 30 minutes after which it is no longer active.

These scientifically designed products are among the industry’s most effective in the elimination of mould and associated staining, and also in the prevention of future occurrences.

Generally, it is safe for you and your pets.

We work under the IICRC standards and the type of containment, filtering and other methods as required.

The only time a home isn’t be suitable for habitation is when the majority of the home has mould and our containment areas are too numerous.

Generally speaking, there is usually enough suitable space for a family and their pets to remain in the home.

We also work around your schedule, requirements and we want you to remain in your home.

We chose these products specifically because they have been made to work in concert.

While the first product eliminates mould, and, to a degree, renews surfaces to original finish, the second raises the pH value many times beyond their normal pH level.

Mould does not like a high pH, and it is for this reason that we are able to offer a 10 year transferable warranty on surfaces we treat.

We offer a 10-year limited, transferable warranty on the mould surfaces we’ve treated.

We'll Beat All Competitor Pricing By 10%

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You'll Get A 10-year Transferrable Warranty

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We visit.

Once you've reached out to us, we'll call you to talk about your problem and arrange a convenient time for us to come out to your location.

We assess.

Once we arrive, we'll get started with a thorough visual mould inspection of your entire property that will include problem areas and other sources.

We recommend.

Once our mold inspection is complete, we'll report what we've found, what the problem is and detail any next steps that might need to be taken.

Our visual mould inspections are always provided free of charge and you’re never obligated to use our mould remediation services

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What Our Clients Have To Say

If you have a mould problem, Mike's your guy! I hope never to need his services again (as his work comes with a ten-year warranty). But if ever I have a mould issue, Mike will be my first call! He was quick responding, fair price, efficient, and knowledgeable. I loved how he talked to me like a human, having done several renovations and flips, I deal with a lot of trades and contractors - Mike is top-notch professional, friendly, and someone I would have over for a Sunday afternoon BBQ - he's that kind of guy! AND he does not great, but outstanding work!!!
Visual Mould Inspection Client Testimonial
Sarid Layton

When we found mould, Mike and his team at Get Rid of Mould, responded immediately. They assessed the issue and then worked with us on a time to get in and remove it. They were professional any questions we had were answered thoroughly!
Visual Mould Inspection Client Testimonial
Jordan Donald

Mike is professional, thorough, responsive and does amazing work. Our real estate agent recommended him and and I sam so glad she did. We are having Mike back to our current home to help with some remediation there too!
Visual Mould Inspection Client Testimonial
Sherri Canjar

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Our initial (visual) inspections are provided free of charge and you are also under zero obligation to use our mould remediation services.

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