We Offer Effective Air Quality Testing Services For Mould You Can Trust.

When the source of your mould isn't obvious, it might be time to have us come in to perform our professional indoor air quality testing for mould services. We'll make it simple for you!

Our IAQ Testing Services Include:

Get Rid Of Mould Serves Niagara Region, Durham Region & The Greater Golden Horseshoe

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We Offer Effective Air Quality Testing Services For Mould You Can Trust.

When the source of your mould isn't obvious, it might be time to have us come in to perform our professional air quality testing services. We'll make it simple for you!

Our IAQ Testing Services Include:

Get Rid Of Mould Serves Niagara Region, Durham Region & The Greater Golden Horseshoe

Hiring the right Air Quality Testing companies

If you can't see any mould but know it's there...

Having your air quality tested by a professional might be the best option.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of mould – but can’t find the source – it might be hidden mould and air quality testing may be needed.

Symptoms such as watering eyes, sneezing, coughing, drowsiness and itching may be due to mould that’s hiding out of our sight and can’t be detected with a visual inspection. 

Another reason to have air quality testing is buying a home that you’re unfamiliar with.

Whatever your reasons, we can accurately evaluate your air quality and help to remediate any mould issues you might have.

Symptoms of hidden mould Can Include:

People most likely at risk of mould infestation include:

Mike Bashford, owner of Get Rid of Mould

"We never create work for ourselves and we won't recommend indoor air quality testing unless it's absolutely necessary".

Mike Bashford

Owner of Get Rid Of Mould

Air Quality Testing For Mould Services in Durham Region, Ontario

Why we test your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Most of the time, we find that the mould in people’s homes has either started growing where we can see it, or it has made its way from inside the walls – or from the attic or basement – out into view.

When this is the case, we can typically trace its origins within the home and create a plan to remediate (remove) the mould for good.

But, sometimes, and even though we can smell it or a family is experiencing symptoms that are suggestive of a mould problem, we can’t see it or know where its source begins.

When that’s the case, we recommend that we test your air quality in order to narrow-down the location source of the mould.

Our immediate goal is to avoid air quality testing whenever possible, however sometimes it really is the best possible plan of action.

You can also rest assured that, as assessment specialists, we are certified and trained air quality testing experts and industry leaders in providing homeowners and commercial property owners with the most professional services possible.

How does the air testing work?

Essentially, we take a minimum of two “air samples”, one from outside – which serves as a control sample – and then we take at least one more from inside the building or home.

Depending on the severity of the mould issues, we might also  recommend taking a sample for every floor as the results will provide us with a more complete contaminants analysis of the entire property.

Once we have completed taking the samples, we send them to a lab for professional analysis and wait for the air quality assessment results report.

What happens with the test results?

Once we receive the results, we’ll contact you to walk you through what they mean and we’ll discuss future steps and the available options with you.

Not all mould levels are dangerous.

It’s important to keep in mind that mould lives all around us, whether indoors or outdoors, and the important thing is the mould levels.

Once they get too high, they pose significant health issues and need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Air Quality Testing For Mould Services in Niagara Region, Ontario



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Not sure if you need your home's air quality tested?

Indoor Air Quality Testing For Mould Explained

Indoor Air Quality Testing For Mould Spores, Moisture, Humidity, Mildew In Home

When thinking about their homes, maintaining healthy indoor air quality levels is (unfortunately) an often overlooked aspect of what most homeowners tend to worry about most. The concept of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ tends to apply here, much like the condition of your roof’s shingles or the structural integrity of your back deck’s foundational frame.

The longer-term problem with ignoring your home’s air quality, however, means it may be poor enough to affect your family’s physical and emotional well-being and you may not even know why it is happening..

The good news is that indoor air quality testing for mould has evolved into an invaluable service to address the potential health risks associated with mould growth and other indoor pollutants and we have put together the following information to help you understand the basics of what indoor air quality testing is, what’s involved, what the testing results may mean and additional steps you can take to remediate your mould problems for good.

What is professional indoor air quality testing for mould?

Professional indoor air quality testing for mould involves a comprehensive assessment of the air quality in indoor environments and focuses on identifying and quantifying mould spores, measuring pollutant levels and evaluating the overall indoor air quality.

This testing is conducted by certified experts (like Mike Bashford right here at Get Rid Of Mould) who utilize specialized equipment and work in collaboration with accredited laboratories to ensure the accurate analysis of samples.

What's involved in the testing process?

  • Inspection and Assessment: A thorough inspection of the premises is conducted, considering factors such as history of water damage, moisture issues, and visible mould growth. Moisture is a key contributor to mould growth, so identifying potential sources (such as leaks in the home’s foundation) is crucial.
  • Sampling: Various sampling techniques are employed to collect air and surface samples for analysis. Air samples are typically collected using an air pump, which draws air through calibrated sampling cassettes or filters. Surface samples may involve swabbing or tape-lifting from areas suspected of mould growth.
  • Laboratory Analysis: The collected samples are sent to accredited laboratories for analysis. In the lab, technicians examine the samples using techniques such as microscopic examination and culturing on petri dishes. This analysis helps identify mould species present and determine their concentration.

What do we test for?

During our professional indoor air quality testing for mould, our experts will assess the following:

  • Mould Spores and Species: The concentration of mould spores in the air is measured, providing an understanding of the overall mould contamination level. Additionally, the identification of mould species is crucial as certain types can pose greater health risks.
  • Indoor Air Pollutants: Apart from moulds, other indoor air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Radon and carbon monoxide (CO) may also be tested. These substances can originate from sources like heating systems, emissions from appliances, and smoke.

How to Interpret the Results?

Interpreting the results of indoor air quality testing for mould requires professional expertise and we will be sure to walk you through the results and explain them in a way that makes sense to you:

  • Mould Spore Count: The concentration of mould spores is compared to established guidelines, such as those recommended by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Elevated levels may indicate a mould problem that requires attention.
  • Mould Species Identification: Certain mould species, such as those producing mycotoxins, pose a higher health risk. Identifying the species present allows the mould remediation experts to assess the potential health impact and devise appropriate remediation strategies.

We will gladly walk you through all of your air quality testing results and help to establish a collaborative remediation plan that works for you.

Based on the test results, our professionals provide you with recommendations for mould remediation, moisture control measures and improving indoor air quality that may include actions such as complete mould removal, improving ventilation, using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, or addressing specific sources of pollutants.

Professional indoor air quality testing for mould is a crucial step towards ensuring a healthy indoor environment, and, by conducting thorough inspections, collecting and analyzing samples in accredited laboratories, experts can identify mould contamination, assess the concentration and species present, and evaluate the overall indoor air quality for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If we can actually see the mould, we won’t recommend testing and will instead offer you immediate options to have it removed.

It’s when we suspect that mould exists but can’t visually see it that we recommend our air quality testing.

Think of the testing as an additional tool in our mould-fighting arsenal.

We take what are known as “air quality samples”.

For more thorough testing results, we recommend that each floor of your home is tested and for most homes this would include a basement, main floor and a second floor.

We start with an outside air quality reading, so most homes would benefit the most by having 4 samples taken.

We take what are known as “samples”, and each sample is priced at $150.00.

We also require a minimum of two (2) samples per test, so your minimum cost would be $300.00 plus HST (13%).

For more thorough testing results, we recommend that each floor of your home is tested and for most homes this would include a basement, main floor and a second floor.

We start with an outside air quality reading, so most homes would benefit the most by having 4 samples taken.

We can typically complete our air quality mould testing fairly quickly and we should be out of your way in less than an hour in most cases.

Not really.

Once the mould has begun to grow, it means it has found a source to keep growing and it will continue to do that and get worse over time.

Air purifiers might be able to decontaminate some of the toxic air they come into contact with, but the source of your mould will be strong and will not go away.

Quite accurate.

Samples are normally tested within the same hour and will give us a fairly accurate snapshot of what’s happening in your home or business in real time.


All of our samples are sent to a lab for analysis and we’ll give you the results – and help you to understand what they mean – along with our practical recommendations.

We can arrange to come out to your property on a day and at a time that works for you fairly soon.

We’ll also provide you with a free visual inspection prior to making and further suggestions or recommending a paid air quality test.

To get started, simply send us a quick contact form and we’ll reach out to you right away.


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If you have a mould problem, Mike's your guy! I hope never to need his services again (as his work comes with a ten-year warranty). But if ever I have a mould issue, Mike will be my first call! He was quick responding, fair price, efficient, and knowledgeable. I loved how he talked to me like a human, having done several renovations and flips, I deal with a lot of trades and contractors - Mike is top-notch professional, friendly, and someone I would have over for a Sunday afternoon BBQ - he's that kind of guy! AND he does not great, but outstanding work!!!
Visual Mould Inspection Client Testimonial
Sarid Layton

When we found mould, Mike and his team at Get Rid of Mould, responded immediately. They assessed the issue and then worked with us on a time to get in and remove it. They were professional any questions we had were answered thoroughly!
Visual Mould Inspection Client Testimonial
Jordan Donald

Mike is professional, thorough, responsive and does amazing work. Our real estate agent recommended him and and I sam so glad she did. We are having Mike back to our current home to help with some remediation there too!
Visual Mould Inspection Client Testimonial
Sherri Canjar

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