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Professional Residential Attic Mould Remediation in St. Catharines, Ontario.

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Before Remediation:

Watch Mike Bashford, the owner of Get Rid Of Mould, as he walks you through the original conditions of this attic and describes what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to correct it.

After Remediation:

With the remediation and associated steps completed, Mike shows us the results and explains what was used and why everything worked.

Project Details:

Severity Level (out of 5):

The mould that you see had been there for a while and had begun to penetrate into the plywood roofing and rafters. If detected early enough, damage to the actual building materials would have been minimal.

Project Location:

Residential home in St. Catharines, Ontario.

The Problem:

This attic had a serious ventilation issue, as an attic without proper ventilation can create conditions for the proliferation of mould.

On closer inspection it was noticed that many of the Moore styrofoam soffit vents were either plugged with insulation or pinched and either (or both) of those conditions will reduce or stop the flow of air into the space from the soffit creating a ventilation issue.

Proposed Solution(s):

The old Moore vents would need to removed, all soffit to be cleared of excess insulation, and then new venting would be installed.

An application of our mould removal products would also be needed.

Completion Time:

This attic took approximately 5-6 hours to complete.

Once set-up was complete:

Remediation Outcome:

Once completed, the change in appearance was very dramatic.

The mould was removed with the majority of the staining (a by-product of mould’s digestion of material) now gone, returning treated surfaces to close to their original finish.


Months later, the homeowners inform us that their attic venting continues to function properly and that the mould has not returned.

Another successful remediation!

Residential Attic Mould Removal St. Catharines Ontario Before Remediation

The mould in this attic was quite advanced and in need of immediate remediation.

Residential Attic Mould Removal St. Catharines Ontario After Remediation

As you can see, the mould removal process was a complete success and these homeowners won’t have to deal with it any longer.

Our Mould Remediation Services Include:

From the initial visual inspection, right through to complete mould removal, we offer complete, start-to-finish mould remediation services.

Mould Inspections

If you suspect there is mould in your home, all of our visual mould inspections are provided free of charge and we'll be happy to come out to help.

Air Quality Testing

If we can't visually find the source of your mould, we can conduct additional, professional air quality testing that uses infrared technology and is quite effective.

Mould REmoval

Using the latest industry IICRC approved methods, we'll quickly and safely remove all of your mould and ensure that it stays gone for good.
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